OSI Videos

The Carewest OSI Clinic has developed a wellness and resiliency program designed to equip people with the tools and techniques to better take care of ourselves and to better carry our load of workplace, family and personal lives. These videos were initially filmed for staff  during the COVID-19 pandemic but are applicable to anyone. The Wellness Support program is offered free, right here, with a curriculum designed to educate and support people to gain resilience and address the impact that stress may have on us.
Introduction – OSI Videos

Session 1 – Understanding OSIs

Session 2 – We need Sleep

Session 3 – Managing Strong Emotions

Session 4 – Unhelpful thinking

Session 5 – Avoidance

Session 6 – Pain presentations

Session 7 – Relationships

Session 8 – Resilience


You’re not in the Forces Now (5-Part series)
youre-not-in-the-forces-part-1 youre-not-in-the-forces-part-2 youre-not-in-the-forces-part-3 youre-not-in-the-forces-part-4 youre-not-in-the-forces-part-5
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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