While Carewest receives funding from Alberta Health Services, this support only covers clinical care. The Calgary Health Foundation is currently focused on raising funds for several different programs and projects, including services to enhance the quality of life for our residents and clients.

Quality of Life programming refers to activities, technology and mobility supports that contribute to the enjoyment of living, social engagement and well-being of Carewest residents and clients.

Click here to view information about some of our Greatest Needs items.

ExamplesCeiling lifts
  • Community interaction (bus outings, sporting events, plays, trips to the Legion, church group visits)
  • Music therapy and other recreation/leisure based programs such as woodworking, art therapy, ceramics, horticulture therapy, and others (not limited to this list alone)
  • Technology (computers, computer labs, adaptive aids, augmentative communication devices)
  • Personal well-being (regular hair cuts / styling, make-up application, manicures)
  • Mobility (electric beds, wheelchairs, transportation)

Donors play a significant role in supporting leading-edge equipment such as fixed-ceiling and portable-floor lifts and electric beds. In fact, thanks to a multi-year fundraising campaign and the generosity of donors, every manual bed throughout the organization has been replaced with an electric one – adding comfort and safety for staff and independence and dignity for residents and clients.

Beyond the need for vital equipment needs, less tangible needs – such as a comfortable environment, a special meal or a sense of joy – can also be attained through donations.

We invite your gifts. To make a donation to the priority needs of Carewest, please call Calgary Health Foundation at (403) 943-0615 or print out this form.


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