Employee Health & Safety

Employee Health, Safety and Wellness Statement of Commitment

At Carewest, we believe in the importance of the health, safety and well-being of our most valuable assets, our employees.

Management is committed to creating a healthy work environment, supporting  appropriate training, fostering a positive attitude towards health, safety and wellness, managing work hazards and developing relevant policy and procedures.

Each of us share the responsibility to be aware of and comply with Carewest health and safety policies, procedures and relevant government legislation and regulations.

Everyone, including volunteers and contractors, is responsible for their own personal safety and the safety of their co-workers, in every job, at every level of the organization.

Continuous improvement of a healthy and safe workplace – addressing employees’ physical and mental health – can only be achieved through the collaboration, co-operation and action of all employees.

Employee Health and Safety exists as a resource for Carewest staff and has the responsibility to provide programs for maintaining and improving the health and safety of employees. Employee Health and Safety provides leadership and guidance in four program areas:


Occupational Health Services are designed to assist employees in maintaining their health and wellness. Some components of this program include staff immunizations and communicable disease management. Education is provided to staff and managers to help increase awareness of health risks and hazards that may occur in the workplace.


Carewest supports active participation of employees in safety through involvement with the site Health and Safety Committees. Committees meet monthly at each site and are involved in health and safety activities such as workplace inspections. One of the priorities for Employee Health and Safety is educating committee members so they can be a resource for their co-workers. Participating in Health and Safety audits, identifying workplace hazards and establishing safe work practices for employees are some of the ways that the Safety Program is facilitated at Carewest. Carewest is proud to hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Alberta Workplace Health and Safety Partnerships (PIR) Program at each site.


Carewest is committed to the early, safe return-to-work of ill and injured employees. Employee Health and Safety is the link to all disability benefit programs at Carewest and acts as a liaison for health care providers involved in an employee’s treatment and care. All modified duties are based on medical restrictions and coordinated by Employee Health and Safety. Employees benefit from this program because modified duties promotes quicker return to regular work duties, employees receive their regular salary and maintain relationships with their co-workers.


Physical and emotional health is necessary for wellness. Employee Health and Safety is a resource for employees who need information and advice regarding stress, disease transmission, rehabilitation treatment options, physical fitness, nutrition and many other topics.

At times, employees may require assistance when presented with difficult or stressful events which can affect their personal happiness or effectiveness at work. The Carewest Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provided through Homewood Human Solutions provides short-term counseling and is designed to help employees manage their personal challenges in a proactive manner before they become overwhelming. Information on this program can be found on brochures available at each site or by calling Employee Health and Safety at 403-943-8182.


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