Employee education

At Carewest, the learning never stops!

From the first day of employment, Carewest Education Services works with employees to develop an understanding of Carewest and its culture.

We believe that employees who are well-trained, knowledgeable and adaptable will provide safe, competent and compassionate care for satisfied clients and residents.

Education Services adapts education to the specific needs of a diverse workforce by continually evaluating content and delivery. Although there are many required topics that are presented, educators work with leaders within the organization and front-line staff to identify corporate, site and unit specific educational needs.

Each employee at Carewest is accountable for their own learning. As an employee, you have access to education in a variety of ways: independent learning, short inservices during work hours and workshops/seminars. Required education attendance is recorded in an Education Database.
Individual contribution to increasing the learning and knowledge of others is an integral part of the culture at Carewest. Next time you learn something new, write it down, share it with others and be part of the learning culture at Carewest.


In addition to our internal education and in-services, Carewest is known province-wide for its external teachings. At Carewest, residents who have a diagnosis of dementia live in homelike settings as part of our Cognitively Complex Care program. All employees who work with residents with dementia go through our Supportive Pathways education program, which focuses on recognizing the person behind the disease.

Our education program has proved so successful that , we’ve taken it to the next level, offering a “Train the Trainer” course so other organizations can learn from us and take those lessons back to their organization.

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