Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning

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Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning opened its doors to the Calgary community in 1978 and has since grown to offer programs and services for 289 long-term care residents and rehabilitation clients. Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning also offers one respite bed for people with disabilities under the age of 65, a full-service Commissary kitchen that supports all 13 Carewest locations (1,394 beds) and a full-service Pharmacy that supports all 1,394 inpatient residents and clients.

Many different Carewest programs operate out of the Fanning Centre including our EQuaL program, our RCTP program (Rehabilitation and Community Transition Program), our Neuro-Rehabilitation program and a day program for younger adults (YADS).

Click here to see the Carewest Resident and Family Handbook for Long-Term Care.

Click here to see the Carewest Client and Family Handbook for Rehabilitation and Recovery.

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