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Do you want to acknowledge Carewest staff for everything they do day in and day out? Have you seen remarkable demonstrations of hard work, flexibility and dedication and everyone has gone above and beyond? Take a few minutes to read the comments below and recognize the impact your hard work is having on your colleagues, our residents, clients and their families or leave a comment, yourself!

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The important role of the Palliative Consultant Nurse
To Oksana: This is to recognize and thank Oksana who helped my sister and I over the past eight months. Oksana was consulted by one of the nursing staff who was concerned about my sister’s lack of appetite and indicating that she did not want to live this way anymore. My sister was asking for MAID. Oksana’s first intervention included talking to me at length about my sister, and that intervention alone, made all the difference to me! Oksana then met with my sister and listened to her with such presence and kindness. This made all the difference to my sister as she felt heard! Oksana identified at this time that my sister was having significant pain upon movement in her osteoarthritic hip, and in consultation with the doctor, regular pain medication was given and monitored on an ongoing basis. This made such a difference to D’s quality of life as well as having been heard. Oksana would drop in and visit my sister when she could and my sister would tell me that “special person” had been there to see her. During my sister’s final week when she had lapsed into an unconscious state, Oksana visited us both as was spending most of my time there. She spoke to my sister to tell her that it had been a privilege knowing her and thanking her for the work she had done in her life in lobbying for good health care for all. Oksana assisted me in turning my sister and did so with such tenderness and love. After my sister died, Oksana called me to see how the family and I were doing. I learned then that there are only 2 palliative consultants for all the Carewest facilities. The importance of this role for families and residents in long term care cannot be emphasized enough. I am ever grateful for you, Oksana. Heartfelt thanks from D’s family.

~ June Kirk

Exceptionally thoughtful
To Mandeep at Colonel Belcher: I want to thank Mandeep, in Dover. My mom is on a pureed diet with a few exceptions, which are her favorites. Mandeep went out of her way to make my mom one of her exceptions to break up the monotony of her meals. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!

~ Terri Breithaupt

Thank You
To Anastazia at Glenmore Park: Anastazia was our nurse on 2 East. She mentioned she works casual and this was her first time caring for my mom. Despite this, she was so helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. She was thoughtful in proposing solutions for her pain management and we really appreciate her help! Thank you!

~ Bashir Poonja

I want to thank YOU
I want to thank you for believing in me
I want to thank you for caring for me
I want to thank you for doing all this hard work
I want to thank you for taking three shots of COVID-19 vaccination
I want to thank you for keeping safe as we are going through this COVID-19 pandemic
I want to thank you for working on my days off
I want to thank you for never quitting
I want to thank you for choosing to be a nurse~ Monsurat
Evening and night shift
To nurses on 4th floor at Garrison Green: BIG thank you goes out to RNs Mabel, Maria, Susan, Morgan & every nurse that works the evening & night shifts on 4th floor, Garrison Green! You all keep things running smoothly on the other shifts, not only keeping residents safe & happy, but also a pleasure to work with! THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you do!

~ Anonymous

Shine some light
To Karin and Marissa: I would like to celebrate our Team Leads Karen and Marissa. Both ladies work very hard and professionally to assist in managing our site in a kind and supportive manner. I appreciate the additional support provided during scheduled meetings (care conferences, medical rounds) which is offered without hesitation. Thank You.

~ From Linda

Happy Nurses Week 1 West staff
To 1 West staff at Dr. Vernon Fanning: We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, and care for each other. You all make a difference in not only the life of our residents but also in each other’s life. Keep up the good work, you are appreciated.

~ From Monsurat

Thank you to all the special nurses at Royal Park
To all the nurses at Royal Park: With thoughts of appreciation for all the smart, kind, caring nurses here at Royal Park. You are all very special!

~ From Helen

Thank you
To Charanjeet at George Boyack: Thank you to Charanjeet for always making my day and lightening up my day every time.

~ Anonymous

I appreciate you!
To Georgia Schultz at Glenmore Park: Thanks for being a super interesting and dynamic human. You’re the best.

~From Bekka

Thank you
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Thank you
You can leave a comment here by filling out the Shine Some Light submission form.
Nas, a great staff member at Sarcee!
To Nasrudin (Nas) Abdirahman : Our family would like to recognize Nasrudin (Nas) Abdirahman for her support and care she shows to our family member who is in long term care. We realize the workload and busy schedule the staff has and Nas finds the time to be kind and engage with our family member as she is attending to the work. Our family member has mentioned many times how nice Nas has been to her. Our family member looks forward to Nas and we feel this lifts the spirits and also makes the work easier for Nas with more cooperation. Thank you Nas for your care and dedication to a tough job. ~ Anonymous
Thank you so very much!
To Rebecca Mansfield: I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Rebecca Mansfield for all of her help over the last few weeks. She is always so willing to help and answer questions no matter how busy she is with her actual job. I consider myself so lucky to work in an office with such caring, hard-working individuals. Thank you, Rebecca, you have no idea how helpful you have been to me. ~ Michelle Douglas
Grateful for the wonderful care
To the staff at Glenmore Park: My mother in law Elizabeth Wolff has been at Carewest Glenmore Park for six weeks and will be discharged within the next week. She has been cared for by incredible people including the care attendants (Irene), nurses, physiotherapist (Meghan) and physio aides, occupational therapist (Allisa?) and physician (Dr. Cavenagh). I may have some names wrong, and there are many many other people who have been patient, caring, kind and supportive of her health, recovery, well-being and dignity. The team of health care workers at Glenmore is calm and has been most supportive and responsive to our questions. They speak directly to (not about) my mother-in-law including her in all conversations about her ongoing care and progress. Dr. Cavenagh is incredibly patient and authentically engages with those she is caring for. Thank you to everyone for making a challenging time a wonderful experience for Elizabeth and our family. ~ Kandi Mcelary
To Sandy: It’s been just over 3 years. Never getting rid of my purple pillows. Thank you. Your shoulders were huge and I needed them. Your kindness is snowballing through me now. I will never forget you. ❤️

~ Winter Reeb

Thank you nurses
To the nurses at Signal Pointe: Thanks to all the RNs and LPNs at Signal Pointe for their awesome teamwork, hardwork and compassion towards the residents. To our CSM, thank you for your optimism, support and guidance during all our difficult changes at the site…. People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel…- Maya Angelou. Happy Nursing week and thanks for all that we do, seen and unseen.

~ Anonymous

Thank you
To nurses at Garrison Green: Dear Darlene , Victoria, Plazza, Faith and all other nurses on 4th floor…. Thank you for all that you do to help us be the best team we can be and for helping us and our residents’ staff save each and ever day … I know we have worked short many a days but with your support we get through each day… thank you for being you!!!

~ Anonymous

Shine some light
To Cathy at Rouleau Manor: I would like to acknowledge Cathy Renkas as a fantastic leader. She always takes the time to listen to our concerns and supports efforts to improve the quality of life for our staff, residents, families/guardians, and visitors. I enjoy our daily check-ins and opportunities to laugh together. Cathy’s support has made my work experience memorable…thank you Cathy.

~ From Linda

Thank you for being so giving
To Indy Sidhu at Rouleau Manor: I am so grateful for everything that you do during work hours and beyond to be ever mindful of your team mates well being, and the health and safety of all our clients. You give so much here at Rouleau and so many of us are truly impacted by your generosity and kindness.

~ From Cathy

Thank you
To Rasika at the Colonel Belcher: Thank you Rasika, for taking such great care of the residents and for all of your hard work. You are such a valuable member of our team. I admire you and appreciate you for all that you do!

~ From Meagan

You're awesome!
To Angilee at C3 Sarcee: Angilee thank you for all that you do. You are always willing to help out where needed; No questions asked. THANK YOU for being so dependable!!

~From Wendy

Thank you
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