Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Plan

As Calgary’s largest public care provider of its kind and one of the largest in Canada, Carewest operates 14 locations aimed at helping people live more independent lives. Our spectrum of care is available to adults of all ages and includes long-term care, mental health care, alternate level of care, rehabilitation and recovery services, and community programs and services. We pride ourselves on our ability to change with the community’s needs and we do our best to predict what those needs may be in the future.

But what do we believe in?  To understand Carewest, you must understand our new vision, mission and values.

Vision – New!

Leaders in exceptional care, supporting those when they need us most.

Mission – New!

At Carewest, we create inclusive care communities that are person-centred, enhance client quality of life and innovate to advance the healthcare system.

Values – New!

C – CARING: We appreciate each person’s unique qualities and honour each other with kindness, respect and compassion.

R – RELATIONSHIPS: We connect authentically through listening and sharing.

E – EXCELLENCE: We strive for high quality, safety, innovation and learning in all that we do.

A – ACCOUNTABILITY: We act with integrity and take responsibility for what we do and say.

TE – TEAMWORK: We partner together to provide exceptional care and achieve our collective goals.

Together, we CREATE Carewest, and couldn’t be prouder of our organization.
Strategic Plan: CREATE Carewest 2023-2026 – New!

We are excited to present to you the new Strategic Plan: CREATE Carewest 2023-2026. In it, we developed four strategic cornerstones: Client Experience, Healthy Workplaces, Financial Sustainability, Agile System Integration. For each of these foundations, we have built upon it a number of strategic goals to achieve over the next three years and then narrowed it down further into strategic objectives that would help us achieve those goals.

We are so proud of who we are, how far we’ve come and excited about the future for Carewest. We feel our vision, mission, values and strategic plan will help guide us as we work to provide the best possible care for our residents, clients and families. Thank you for helping CREATE Carewest and being part of our journey.

Click here to see Interim Strategic Direction 2022-2023.




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