Quality Communication

Quality Boards

Each of our care sites has a Quality Board where clients, families, staff and visitors can see information about key indicators related to Quality Outcomes and Quality Assurance such as the status of the latest audits, recent survey results or Falls rates.  There is also information about specific Quality Improvement projects or unit level quality assurance such as hand hygiene audits. The information is provided for awareness but also to generate discussion about what we are doing to continuously improve on our results.

Visibility Walls

On our units, you will see Visibility Walls that are interactive displays that focus on work done on that unit to address not just quality and safety but also cost, delivery (processes) staff morale. Each unit may be focusing on a specific area of concern that may be highlighted on the Quality Board, or through other Carewest measures as well as areas of specific concern to that unit such as wait times for therapy, or admission processes. The wall is a meeting place for regular “wall walks” where staff, managers and even clients and families can attend to discuss and plan actions to address opportunities for improvement. This active discussion supports everyone to have a safe space to generate ideas and collaborate on  process improvements.

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