Our Vision, Mission and Values

As Calgary’s largest public care provider of its kind and one of the largest in Canada, Carewest operates 13 locations aimed at helping people live more independent lives. Our spectrum of care is available to adults of all ages and includes long-term care, rehabilitation and recovery services, and community programs and services. We pride ourselves on our ability to change with the community’s needs and we do our best to predict what those needs may be in the future.

But what do we believe in? What drives Carewest to deliver kind, compassionate and supportive care and services to our residents and clients. To understand the essence of Carewest, you must first understand our vision, mission and values.

Vision, Mission and Values


Carewest: leaders in exceptional care, supporting those who need us most.


At Carewest, we support all clients in maintaining their quality of life as they transition through their health care journey. As the public provider of continuing care specialized services in Calgary, our staff work together to partner with clients, families and the community to provide:

• Programs to enable community living;
• Rehabilitation services to enable return to the community, and;
• Residential and support care services for complex medical and mental health needs.


Caring: We care about all individuals.
We see the qualities that contribute to the whole person and honour them with kindness,
respect and dignity.

Relationships: We are stronger together.
We gain a better understanding of our clients and each other by listening as well as sharing.

Learning: We are open to change and we encourage new ideas and thinking.
We learn from evidence, experience and each other.

Responsibility: We lead with integrity and accountability.
We are responsive to our clients, and are trusted to use resources wisely.

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