OSI – What to Expect

When clients are referred to the Carewest OSI Clinic, we’ll review any prior treatment information provided to us by the referral source with their consent.A review of prior assessment and treatment information, in addition to a thorough current assessment at the Carewest OSI Clinic is performed in order to determine clients’ specific needs.

The OSI Clinic team involves clients in setting goals and making treatment decisions.

Clients have the opportunity to engage in treatment that is both evidence-based and tailored to individual needs.

Clients will remain in active treatment and receive follow-up for as long as clinically necessary.

If clients authorize the Carewest OSI Clinic to do so, we will also collaborate with and support family physicians and any other health professionals involved in clients’ care.

Our services are also offered through Zoom so clients are their family or support networks can continue receiving treatment in the comfort of their home community.

  • A thorough assessment and review of prior treatment are completed to determine each client’s needs.
  • Clients are fully involved with the OSI clinical staff in setting goals and deciding on treatment.
  • Referrals to other specialized services and links to community supports are arranged when appropriate.

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