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IMPORTANT: Criminal Records Check Requirements

As required under the Protection for Persons in Care Act (PPCA) and the Continuing Care Accommodations Standards, Carewest is required to obtain a current Vulnerable Sector Criminal Records Check for all new Staff, Volunteers and contracted service providers.  At Carewest a Criminal Records Check is considered current if it was completed within one hundred eighty (180) days (six months ) of commencing employment.

Note that we require the completed Vulnerable Sector Criminal Records Check prior to offers of employment being extended to any care or front line staff.  Carewest does not normally hire persons with active criminal records for which a pardon has not been granted.

To obtain a clearance, the Calgary Police Service offers an on line service, enabling people to apply and request their Criminal Records Check at their convenience.  The on line service is called ePIC, and is accessible through the Calgary Police website –  Click on the ‘Police Information Check’ icon on the right.

Step 1 explains the information and identification you will need in order to complete the application.  You will be asked which Agency you are applying for.  When you type Carewest, a pop up box will appear with our address.  Click on it to continue.  This will allow both you and Carewest immediate access to your clearance once it is complete.

Note:  ePIC can be used only  if:

  • You have been in Canada longer than one year, and
  • You have lived in Calgary longer than one year, and
  • You reside within the city of Calgary

If you are new to Canada or new to Calgary or prefer not to use the online application, a list of Calgary Police district offices providing this service is included. You can go in person to request your criminal records check. If you reside outside Calgary, you will need to go in person to your local RCMP office to request a Criminal Records check.

We welcome applications and resumes from people interested in working in our many unique settings. If you are interested in applying for a position at Carewest, please apply using the options below:


Click here to apply to Carewest.


E-mail: [email protected]

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