Day Hospital

At Day Hospital, we aim to help you improve your functional ability and enhance your wellness and quality of life. We link with other community programs and services and also forward reports and recommendations to your family doctor and other care providers.

The Carewest Day Hospital provides a comprehensive blend of assessment and treatment for older adults:

  • Who are not managing well at home because of health problems;
  • Who may recently have been discharged from a hospital and require ongoing professional rehabilitation services; or
  • Whose quality of life may be diminished because of physical, mental or social health problems.

Admission Criteria include:

  • Adults who are over 65 years of age;
  • Adults who are currently living in the community (at home or assisted living);
  • Adults who are capable of getting to the program site.

Day Hospital Services

Day Hospital services are designed to be short term. The average length of treatment is three to four months. An interdisciplinary team works with you and your family to identify and address your care needs.


The medical staff of the Day Hospital provide expertise in the areas of family medicine, geriatrics and psychiatry.


Nursing services in the Day Hospital assist with a wide variety of health issues and concerns. These may include medication management, nutrition counseling, pain management, and incontinence assessment and management.

Social Work and Psychology

Dealing with the effects of chronic illness or changes in function can be difficult. The Day Hospital social work and psychology services will help you and your family members with concerns you have or challenges you may be facing. This may include counseling and access to community services.


The Day Hospital rehabilitation services are wide and varied. Staff members provide expertise in the specialties of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreation therapy to help you attain the best possible level of independence.


Various conditions and illnesses can mean loss of speech, hearing or the ability to swallow. The Day Hospital speech language pathologist will help you improve and adapt to these changes.

Other Services

Focused Rehabilitation Clinic

Day Hospital therapists offer short-term focused rehabilitation services for seniors with complex needs, often related to long-standing health concerns.


Anyone can make a referral to the Carewest Day Hospital and we ensure that your family doctor is aware of the referral. A member of the Day Hospital team will contact you to arrange a date/time tp meet to discuss your needs and begin the care plan. The Day Hospital collaborates with Alberta Health Services to provide a wide variety of programs and services. Through this partnership, clients and their families can receive the type of care that best meets their needs.

For referrals, please contact the Day Hospital directly:

Carewest Day Hospital at Carewest Glenmore Park
6909 – 14 Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T2V 1P8
Phone: 403-640-6480
Fax: 403-258-7681

Print the Day Hospital Referral form by clicking here.

Hours, Costs and Transportation

  • Day Hospital is open Monday through Friday and clients attend 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., usually two days a week;
  • Transportation can be arranged for you throughout your treatment program;
  • Your costs are limited to transportation and lunch. Lunch can be selected from a daily menu.

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