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At Carewest, we believe offering excellent care to our clients and residents starts with our staff. We’ve worked hard – and continue to work hard – to be an employer of choice. We’re good at what we do because great care requires great staff. Carewest’s belief in and commitment to staff is reflected in some of our core values:

C – CARING: We appreciate each person’s unique qualities and honour each other with kindness, respect and compassion.

R – RELATIONSHIPS: We connect authentically through listening and sharing.

E – EXCELLENCE: We strive for high quality, safety, innovation and learning in all that we do.

A – ACCOUNTABILITY: We act with integrity and take responsibility for what we do and say.

TE – TEAMWORK: We partner together to provide exceptional care and achieve our collective goals.

Together, we CREATE Carewest, and couldn’t be prouder of our organization.

Staff RecognitionStaff Surveys
Staff Recognition

Carewest has developed a new recognition program in an effort to align the program with overall corporate/portfolio goals, that better reflects our frame of reference.

Program elements include:Thank You card Purple

  • 1. Thank You Cards
  • 2. Farewell Awards
  • 3. Staff Appreciation Week
  • 4. Service Awards
  • 1. Thank-you cards are available on-site and can be utilized by staff, families, residents and volunteers to say thanks for going the extra mile.
  • 2. Farewell Awards are given to any employee retiring from Carewest with greater than 6 years of service.
  • 3. Staff Appreciation Week. Carewest recognizes the contribution of all employees by providing a breakfast and fun team-building activity each year in June.
  • 4. Service recognition is given to all employees who reach an hourly or yearly milestone. Employees will receive a giftcode, congratulatory letter and invited to attend a reception in either November or May.
Staff Surveys

We think it’s important to hear from staff first-hand about how we as an employer, are doing, what they like about Carewest and the areas in which we can improve. That’s why every two years we perform a comprehensive staff survey where we seek feedback from staff. We take the results to heart and take concrete steps to improve the areas that need work while ensuring we continue to perform in the areas in which we’re doing well.



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