Strategic Plan 2018-2021

As Calgary’s publicly owned, not-for-profit provider of continuing care, we have supported thousands of individuals over the past 59 years in operation, and anticipate taking on a more specialized role in meeting the needs of those we serve.

After months of consultation with our many stakeholders, Carewest drafted its 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, to position itself to offer even more value to the health care system and the people it serves.

In the following pages of Carewest’s three-year Strategic Plan, we detail how Carewest will meet the increased demand Calgary has experienced in the areas of mental health, transition care from hospital and community programming.

Thanks to Carewest’s history in the community, expertly trained staff, efficient models of care and the ability to be flexible to changing needs, Carewest is trusted by Alberta Health Services to care for the most clinically complex clients or those with greater social needs.

Carewest has seen a significant growth in clients with these specialized needs, and envisions a shift in the delivery of its programs and services to better serve these clients.

Carewest believes it can ease pressures on the acute-care system by helping people stay in their homes longer and supporting people while they transition between the hospitals and other care environments.

Read on for more information about how Carewest hopes to position itself to add greater value to the people it serves.



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