Our Strategic Direction

In the spring of 2011, Carewest’s Board of Directors requested that Carewest develop a five-year strategic plan that would serve to more clearly define the role of Carewest in the larger health care system in the province, and more specifically in the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Calgary Zone, as well as to serve as a framework to assist us in our program and service delivery over the next five years.

The process of development our 5-year strategic plan began with a reflective review of our Frame of Reference – our Vision, Mission and Principles and Values – which describe who we are, what we want to achieve, and what will guide us in our decision-making on a daily basis. Through this review, we determined that our Frame of Reference remains current and relevant; it has been instrumental in informing our past successes and will continue to guide us over the next five years.

As a key partner with Alberta Health Services, it was appropriate to reference Alberta Health Services’ “Strategic Direction 2009-2012: Defining our Focus/Measuring our Progress, June 30, 2009” and “2010-2015 Health Plan: Improving Health for All Albertans“, and Alberta Health Services and Alberta Health and Wellness’ “Becoming the Best: Alberta’s 5-Year Health Action Plan 2010-2015” documents in the development of Carewest’s 5-Year Strategic Direction.

Carewest’s approved 5-Year Strategic Direction will serve to guide us in the coming years, influence our annual business planning around programs and services and serve to measure our progress through the identified performance measures.

We view the developing of our 5-Year Strategic Direction not as an end, but rather, as a start in helping chart our future through ongoing and collaborative discussions with our many partners and stakeholders. To this end, we would encourage and welcome feedback and input to the strategic plan as we continue to move forward in support of Alberta Health Services in delivering the best possible health care that we can to our residents, clients and the community.

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