OSI family support

The Carewest OSI Clinic provides mental health services to the families of OSI clients. Family members include spouses, partners, children or significant others; whomever the client identifies as his or her family.

The mental health of clients and their families are interlinked. Assessing and treating a client’s family can be the first step in treating a client with an operational stress injury.

Services offered to families at the OSI Clinic include: 

Assessment:  Identifies issues and opportunities for clients to explore and engage in therapy.  It’s the first step in leading to appropriate and effective treatment and to help stabilize the family and to avoid family breakdown.

Treatment: Includes services that may help prevent a crisis such as individual, couple, family and child-focused therapy and supportive counselling.

Outreach:  Involves the OSI Clinic improving family awareness and access to its services.  Early identification of families in need and sharing appropriate services will help reach families before they reach crisis.

Research:  From time to time, the OSI Clinic will be involved in clinical research as it relates to clients and families. Any participation in these studies is voluntary and a decision to not participate in a study will not affect the services provided to the client or their family.

For Spouses/Partners

We provide education, treatment and support for partners, spouses and children of service members, Veterans or members of the RCMP with an OSI. Nothing can be as unsettling for the family and especially for a child whose questions may not have immediate answers.

Because things are constantly changing – and challenging – these changes can be approached in small steps through the various stages of coping with the “new normal.”

Explore the services and benefits that may be available to you and your family through the Carewest OSI Clinic, learn about the different types of operational stress injuries (including post traumatic stress disorder), and discover useful tips to help you get well and stay healthy. If you are looking for specific support for deployments or redeployments, please contact the Department of National Defense.

For Children

Do you feel like your mom or dad may need some support due to difficulties they may have experienced in their work as a soldier, RCMP, or peacekeeper?

Sometimes you can’t really tell what is wrong because nothing seems to have changed outside. It’s something on the inside that is different. Something you can’t see but it’s there anyway. They still love you but sometimes it’s hard for them to tell you that or give you hugs like they used to.

You can talk to someone at our clinic who can help you sort out your feelings.

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