Orientation for RNs, LPNs, HCAs, Food Services and Allied Health

The following modules are intended to be taken by different employee groups – please check to see which ones apply to you:


Safe Food Handling: Food Services staff, Therapy Aides, Activity Convenors, Recreation Therapists and Health Care Aides.

First Aid Module and First Aid Quiz: All regulated nurses.

Hazardous Meds Module and Hazardous Meds Quiz: All regulated nurses

Hazardous Meds Module and Hazardous Meds Quiz: HCAs

High Alert Medications Module and High Alert Medications Quiz: All regulated nurses and HCAs working in C3 programs

Decision Making: Regulated nurses and HCAs

Restraints: All care staff

Managed Risk: All care staff

Portable bladder scanner module and Bladder Scanner Competency Form: Regulated nurses

Advanced Care Planning: Regulated nurses, HCAs, Social Workers and Unit Clerks



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